hosting for home inspectors

Website Hosting for Home inspectors

Cayo isn’t a cut-rate hosting partner. You’ve worked hard to establish your home inspection website as a dominant force in the cosmos, why cripple it with a subpar host? 

The Goods

Each of our Hosting Packages is designed to meet the needs of your home inspection business. Whether you’re just starting out or this isn’t your first rodeo, you’ll find our hosting to be both lean and robust. We’ve been doing this for a while, which has allowed us to fine tune our hosting, ensuring your site has a stellar foundation. 


(Basic Hosting)

Our basic hosting includes everything you need for your website to be visible to the world. It’s what is considered “managed hosting”, meaning that we actually check on your site each month to ensure it is still running, unlike an unmanaged host. It’s a great starting point if you’re just launching your new site. 

$40 /mo

Hosting Plus

Our premium hosting builds upon the foundation of our basic package, but takes site management to another level. Not only will your site experience to most uptime, but we will also check the health of your home inspection website each month and make any maintenance changes needed. Websites, just like any other tool need periodic maintenance to remain effective. 

$90 /mo

Ready to Jump Ship?

Of course, we don’t mean leave Cayo. We mean, “Are you ready to leave your sluggard host behind and join Cayo?”

If you are, then in most cases we can migrate your site directly over to our hosting platform with ZERO downtime. How much is it gonna cost to move your home inspection website over to Cayo hosting? 


The process normally only takes a few days. However, there are some caveats. Your site must be built with WordPress. Your site should still be live and accessible. Your site needs to be somewhat up-to-date. We don’t mean style wise, but it needs to be compatible with our hosting setup. No idea if your site is up to snuff? Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the process.

Say what ?!?

Maybe explaining some terms would be helpful. Hosting lingo isn’t music to everyone’s ears.

If you’re curious about some terminology we don’t cover in the section, feel free to reach out. We’re always happy to help. 


All the websites we host are built using a CMS (Content Management System) called WordPress. WordPress allows the functionality of your website to be extended using plugins, often developed by third parties.


CDN stands for Content Distribution Network. Your website lives on a server that has a physical location, but if someone is viewing your site from the other side of the country, then it will take more time for your site content to reach them. To solve this problem the primary components of your website are copied to multiple servers around the country (or even the world) speeding up the delivery of your website.


SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It provides a protocol for protecting the links between networked computers by authenticating and encrypting those links. Meaning, it keeps your website visitor's data safe while they're on your site.

Broken Links

As part of our Premium Hosting Plan "Hosting Plus" we find and fix broken links inside your website and from your website to another. Why does this matter? First, broken links makes the experience of your website visitors worse. Second, it has a negative impact on your search engine rankings. Links break because websites change. Link monitoring is an ongoing process because the web is always evolving.

TAke your hosting to another level.