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You Inspect Homes.
We Build Websites.

Clean, Simple Websites for Professional Home Inspectors

A Website for your business is a must, but it doesn’t have to be lame. We will help you lay the cornerstone of your digital presence and position your business for greatness.

Websites for Home Inspectors

With a Cayo Website you get…

Easy Access for DIY Edits

(text, image replacement)

Up to 5 Site Sections

(ex. Home, Services, etc…)

Scheduling Tool Integration

(ex. ISN)

Custom Branding + Content

(logo design not included)

Domain Registration

(if you don’t already have a domain)

Mobile Ready

(look good on the go)


Hosting for Home Inspectors

Super Fast

Nightly Backups

Plugin/Module/Bolt-On Updates and Compatibility checks

SSL (ie. encryption) included so your clients don’t get that frightening warning – “This site is not secure! Run for your life!”

Security Updates

Minor site edits

Custom(er) Support

hosting for home inspectors

$40 / month


Already have a site, but you want to host with us? 
No problem! In most cases we can migrate your site for FREE!!!!!


Looking to get noticed? We can help make sure that your site is optimized to be found.

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Pay Per Click

Make sure that customers see your brand when their looking for home inspection services. 

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Social Media

It’s time to be social. Here at Cayo we can help make sure your always in the feed and top of mind.

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Still Have Questions?


1 email address is included with each website we build and host. Additional email addresses are only $4/mo. We will help set up your email so you can check it through your favorite email client (Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird) or you can use our built in email client. 

Or, if you would rather handle your own email setup we recommend using a little company called Google. They offer a fantastic business suite of products called G-Suite.

The cost is $6/mo per user (email address)

Here’s the link to find out more:

What’s the process and is it painful?

Your friends might not tell you this, but your kinda grumpy after you’ve been struggling all day to build or update your website. So here’s how we’ll make sure your friends stay around. 

  1. You fill out a simple, fun, painless, Questionaire.
    1. We do require a 50% deposit for us to get started. 
  2. We Design an Awesome Site and then get your feedback.
    1. We want you to be totally satisfied with your website, but we’ve been doing this a long time and know that perfection can be the enemy of progress. Therefore we limit the number of Modification Rounds to 1.
  3. We Make Changes.
  4. You Approve your Awesome Site. (your approval means a lot to us!)
  5. We Launch your New Awesome Site.
  6. You sit back and answer the phones.
I already have a domain name.

Awesome. We will need access to your domain registrar so we can point your domain name to your new site. 

My site has been around for a while sooo….

Before we make any changes to your domain name or begin building your new site we will evaluate any potential impacts these changes might have. 

Can I use my own host?

Sure. You don’t have to use us to host your site, but there are some things to consider. 

  1. Is your host secure?
    1. We scan daily for malware and security vulnerabilities. Plus we can repair your site if something does go wrong.
  2. How often will your site be backed up?
    1. Cayo – With us, your site is backed up nightly so you don’t have to worry about whether your customers can find you online.
  3. Will your site have to share resources with other websites?
    1. Cayo – Our sites all have dedicated resources and operate independently of other sites so a bad apple won’t spoil the whole bunch.
  4. How fast can your host serve your site?
    1. Cayo – our servers are tuned specifically to serve our sites so you’ll blaze past the competition.
Can take my site elsewhere?

Absolutely. We don’t hold your website hostage. However, we can’t guarantee that your site will work on your new host. We recommend hiring someone to migrate it or, if you’re website savvy then we can send you your site files. 

Do you have an annual hosting plan?

Sure thing! If you would like to prepay annually for Cayo Managed Hosting the annual price is $400/yr, which means you get 2 months free! 

I’m Ready to Do This!

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Cayo Logo White

Clean, Simple Websites for Professional Home Inspectors