Websites for Home Inspectors

A website for your home inspection business is a must, but it doesn’t have to be lame! That's why we only build high-performance websites. 

Start Here /// Start Fresh

Whether you’re a Newbie or a veteran Home Inspector we’ve got you covered. We understand the difficulties of starting out with ZERO content and nothing to show but your license. We also understand when your website is a little long-in-the-tooth and needs a fresh start. No matter where you are in your journey we can help.

websites for home inspectors

New Site

When you’re getting started as a newly minted home inspector you have a lot of boxes to check, including getting a new website up and running. Don’t worry we can check that box for you. We are adept at developing sites from scratch with very little input from our home inspection clients. It helps that our founder and lead developer is a licensed home inspector!

website redesign for home inspectors

New Start

You’ve built a successful business over the years, but now you have a lot of balls in the air and updating your outdated website isn’t top priority. We totally get it, that’s why we’re here to help. We would love to build you a brand spankin’ new website that reflects how great your company has become. But before we do, we’ll audit your current site and gather up all it’s SEO juice.

Do I even need a website?

It might seem like a silly question to most people living in the 21st century, but maybe the real question being asked is “What should my website be doing for my business?”.  We’ve put together a little Job Description for your website.

home inspection websites

Every Cayo Website Includes...

custom home inspection websites

Custom Content

Don't worry if you're lacking in the content department. We'll handle writing you some custom words and harvesting pretty pictures. All you'll have to do is let us know your style and preferred colors. We will handle the rest.

professional websites for home inspectors

Domain Registration

If you haven't locked in your business domain, then make haste and give us a shout. We can help you snag the perfect domain for your business and ensure that it doesn't slip out of your hands.

mobile ready websites for home inspectors

Mobile Ready

Over half of all local searches happen on a mobile device. Is your website ready to avoid pinches and infinite scrolls? Come hang with us and we'll make sure that your site looks real good to that agent or client on the go.

high conversion websites for home inspectors

Up to Five High-Converting Pages

All that great content needs to go somewhere. Most inspectors need: a landing page, a page describing your company, a page for your service(s), a page for your scheduling widget, and of course a contact page. All the essentials.

email for home inspectors

Two Custom Email Addresses

Seriously, you're not still using your personal Hotmail email address as your business contact? No Mas! We'll create and host two branded email addresses so that you can join the 21st century.

Home Inspector websites

Scheduling Integration

Making it easy for potential clients and agents is a no-brainer. If you use a scheduling tool like ISN, then we'll integrate it into your new site for Free. If you don't have a scheduling tool but would like one, we can help you select one that integrates directly with your new site.

... everything you need for an awesome home inspection website!

How Much?

With all these great features you might think a new website is totally out of reach. It has to cost at least Eleventy Billion dollars, right?. Psych!



Every great website needs somewhere to live. Somewhere that Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines can find them. Somewhere that your clients can learn about your fantastic services, then shower you with money.

But, the only way they’ll find your great site is if it resides with an equally great host. We use servers specifically tuned to your website’s needs. Your site will have all the resources it needs to out perform the competition. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see the answer to your question, just reach out. We’re always happy to help!

Can I use my own host ?

Although hosting else may sound like a good idea, it makes the construction and maintenance more difficult for us. Therefore, we require that sites we build be hosted by us. See HOSTING for more information

How will i check my email ?

When we set up your email accounts you’ll have access to our super sweet web based email client. You can also choose to import your email from our servers into your favorite email client, like Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc…

What about updates ?

All of our hosting plans include site updates. Now that doesn’t mean a total redesign or major work, but adding or updating text, phone numbers, images are included at no cost.

Can I take my site with me ?

Although we would hate to see you go, we don’t build sites that bind your company to us. We can’t guarantee that your new website will work with you new host. We recommend hiring someone to migrate it, or if you’re web savvy then we can send you your site files.

what if I have a domain name ?

That’s great! All we will need is access to your registrar (the website where you bought your domain name). Once your website is ready for prime time, we’ll update you DNS (domain name servers) to point to your new website.

What about SEO ?

Glad you asked. We love helping inspectors get the most of their websites. That’s why we offer SEO services as well as Social Media management. Check them out. You won’t be disappointed. 

What if I need more than 2 email addresses ?

No problem. You can have as many email addresses as you would like. Each additional email address beyond the two included are only $4/mo. 

do I get access to my site ?

You sure do! During the development process we’ll create a user account for you. You’ll be able to log in to the backend of your website and make changes. However, most of our clients just leave the editing up to us. 


We work hard to ensure our process is simple and streamlined. We know you have a lot of hats to wear, web developer shouldn't be one of them

The Beginning

On Boarding

To get started we require a 50% deposit, then a brief questionnaire with fun questions that will help us determine the design of your site.

On Boarding


Fun Stuff

Design Review

After a couple of weeks you'll be presented with your new website. Now's the time to look over everything and provide feedback to our team.

Design Review


T-Minus /// 3.2.1


After up to 2 rounds of changes your site will be ready to launch.Buckle up, we'll configure all your site's setting so the world can see your greatness.



Course Set

Maintain Course

Now that your website has launched, it's time to enter maintenance mode. We'll keep your site up and running. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy!

Maintain Course


Ready to jump aboard?